Paradise Adventures

Paradise Adventures are guiding specialists based in George. They offer personalized adventures and day trips, calling the outdoors their playground. They take you off the beaten track and show you something different, showing you places few people have seen! Most of the trips take you to secret spots not even known to most locals.

Knysna Hike and Bike

Knysna Hike & Bike is the one-stop solution for leisure & pleasure seekers on the Garden Route. Their aim is to introduce visitors to a different side of Knysna and its surroundings through guided walking and cycling tours which take in stunning scenery, local cuisine and fine wines as well as places of historical and natural interest.

Beautiful Beaches

Within a short distance of approximately 800 meters, guests can enjoy the salty sea and warm sand while relaxing on Coney Glen beach. Guests can rent a bicycle, walk or drive down from Head over Hills. Otherwise take a drive to Buffels Bay, where the swimming is great, Brenton-on-Sea or Plettenberg Bay. It will be worth it! All these beaches have life guards in season. Please be careful when swimming if there are none.

Sunset Cruise

One of the most popular activities in Knysna is the sunset cruise, this daily scheduled sunset charter sails across the sweeping estuary and out through the iconic Knysna Heads. After a sublime sail, on return to the calmer waters of the estuary, a delicious feast of Mediterranean style cuisine along with a couple of glasses of fine South African bubbly will be served. Against a backdrop of exceptional beauty, sailing across Knysna’s expansive liquid landscape on Springtide Charter’s sleek 50ft mono hull yacht is a truly memorable experience. With its dazzling palette of blues, it is a scene perfectly designed by nature for an aquatic life.

Knysna Lagoon Boat Trip

One of the favourite things to do in Knysna is to take the lagoon boat trip. You will be shuttled to Leisure Isle marina where Mandy our skipper will be ready to take you on a stunning tour of the Knysna lagoon. The trip will start with a short boat ride to Thesen Island where you will stop off to see the endangered Knysna Seahorse. The trip will then continue with a short cut through Thesen Island estate and then head towards the Heads where you will be able to take a swim in the turquoise blue water of the lagoon. You will then return to Leisure Isle marina where your shuttle will be ready to take you back to Head over Hills. Mandy has a great knowledge of Knysna and while observing the beauty around you, learn a little about our beautiful town.


You will see that there are many mountain bikers in Knysna. Our forests are beautiful and the range of routes suites all levels of riders. In Harkerville we have four colour-coded routes which vary from 12-24 km. The Homtini offers an awesome 19 km circular ride through the forest for intermediate level. The Garden Route Trail Park is a fun outing with both single tracks and a pump track to test your skills. These are just a few of the amazing routes you can discover. Bikes can be rented at Head over Hills.

Trail Running

As well as mountain bikers we have plenty of trail runners in Knysna. Some of the trails are in the same area as the cyclists. One of the popular and really stunning trails is Robberg Nature Reserve near Plettenberg Bay. This offers three circular routes of 2.1km, 5.5km and 9.2km. The last one is a challenging trail to run but so rewarding when you come to the last stretch of beach. There are a few circular routes at Simola contours and a beautiful beach run between Brenton on Sea and Buffels Bay. Running this on a low tide is a good idea… Ask our staff for the times for tides and they will inform you with pleasure.

Wild Oats Market

If you are staying with us and you happen to be here on a Friday night, then head off to Sedgefield on the Saturday morning to the Wild Oats Market in Sedgefield. They have an amazing array of fresh food to offer, including amazing breakfasts, different cakes, fresh produce, olives, jams, the list is endless. This market closes at 12h00. Then move on to the Mozaic middle market and finally on to Scarab. You are sure to find a treasure or two to take home to your families and friends.

Eco Safari

Every year, both the southern right and humpback whales participate in an ancient migratory ritual, leaving their frosty feeding grounds off Antarctica to mate and calve in the warmer waters off our Southern African coastline. Knysna is one of the best destinations for whale watching in the country, its indigo depths teeming with hundreds of migrating whales from June to November. Ocean Odyssey is the only close encounter whale watching permit holder for the Greater Knysna area, which extends from the western side of the Robberg Peninsula, to Gericke’s Point in Sedgefield. The permit, which is issued by the DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries), allows Ocean Odyssey to approach whales to within 50m, and if the whales approach the boats, you are permitted to stay and observe.