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Hästens Beds Press Release

Describing our Hästens beds as the “Rolls Royce” of beds is no exaggeration. As striking as the design of the beds are, it is extremely functional and unique.

The uniqueness of the Hästens beds lies in their material and craftsmanship. The term Hästens is derived from the Swedish word for horse, and that is because horse hair has been used in the assembling of the bed. The material is ideal for helping regulate your body temperature, taking 30 seconds to cool you down if you are hot or vice versa.

Hästens is not new to this, either. The family company has six generations of experience in making this stunning bed. The horsehair is ethically sourced, washed, spun, and heated to 140 degrees Celsius. The horsehair is allergen-free, and only the finest strands are commissioned and used for the bed.

Step into the factory where a Hästens bed is made and expect to hear…silence. Every detail is crafted by hand and not a detail is missed. From the metal edges and striping, right down to the assembling of the bed itself (which takes up to 600 hours to create).

There are further extraordinary qualities that this bed possesses. Normal beds don’t come equipped with the springs that you will find on a Hästens bed. These springs ensure the person who is next to you will be unaffected if you happen to move around. Choosing a Hästens bed also puts you in the rare category of people who have the opportunity to get their beds customised. Place your comfort firmly in your hands by selecting your size, your fabrics, and even whether you want a headboard or not.

It is a bed that is fit for a king. Hästens described it perfectly when they said, “Good sleep, like good architecture, enriches and supports everyday life on a multitude of levels.” The Hästens bed also owes its quality to the multitude of other natural materials that have been used. Besides the horsehair, expect to find cotton, wool, spring, pine, and even flax.

Every single Hästens bed comes standard with a 25-year warranty. This guarantee covers any breakage that could occur to the frame of the bed or even the springs. The warranty serves as a testament to the confidence that we have in our Hästens beds. It is truly a lifetime purchase.

No expense should be spared when it comes to your comfort and relaxation. No cost should be placed on your convenience and satisfaction. Our Hästens bed is the epitome of luxury, and Head Over Hills is the only hotel in Africa that can proudly boast about having a bed in every single one of our rooms. Give yourself over to a Hästens bed, it is just the touch you need when you vacation with us.

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